Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What is that Author thinking....?

The expression you get when your friend asks you how you feel about your publisher changing the title of your book right as she snaps the photo.

When you're gearing up for a book launch a lot of things go through your head.  And I mean a LOT!

You are so excited that you gush at every opportunity. Sometimes this annoys people. I mean, why can't this soon-to-be-published author talk about anything but their book? Well let me lay it out for you, hopefully so you can stop being annoyed. Since, really, the last thing I want to do is annoy anyone.

Years have gone by since I opened that word document and put the first word on the page. And they were rough years. Forget about the health problems in 2011, or the challenges of getting a special needs kid diagnosed, or any of the other brilliant, bland and memorable happenings of life over those years. Let's just discuss this silly book that I can't seem to stop talking about.

Imagine the cycle of writing, editing, revising, learning, rewriting and then doing all over again with only the small hope that this story and characters I had grown to love would ever be loved by anyone else. Imagine the excitement of thinking my humble manuscript was ready to send to agents and editors. Then the mountains of rejections that sent me back to step one. The thrill of my first contract. The devastation of years wasted on a publishing house. Of having my dreams of publication crushed when I had to leave. Then imagine, miracle of all miracles, the fruits of my relentless labors being realized with a shiny new publishing contract and a book about to make it to the shelves in just a couple of months.

Blood, sweat and tears went into this manuscript. Demons grown from the years of toil, heartache, passion, disability and love have made their way onto the pages of this little book of mine.

So I hope you will forgive me over the next couple of months when my excitement over every tiny bit of the publishing process overflows onto your newfeeds or in your ear when I'm anywhere in the vicinity. The realization of a dream is a moment that I'm unable to keep to myself.

And isn't a creation born from one's soul something to celebrate?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Cover Reveal

Without further ado, the title and cover to my forthcoming novel.

Covers are tricky things. We're told from childhood not to judge a book by its cover...but we do. So when WiDo said they were ready to commission by cover I spent a good two weeks fretting. And praying. And worrying some more. How can one image capture the depth of the story I've put my heart and soul into for over five years?

In fact I'd worked myself up so much that when the email finally came in with the glorious attachment I'd been anticipating, I simply couldn't look. I ran to find my husband and made him look while I covered my eyes. When he said, "I think you'll like it," I braved a glance and then couldn't look away. I mean, isn't it glorious?! And beautifully accurate. With so much awesome sci-fi-ness, and promises of a thrilling read.

What does this cover promise you as a reader? (You are also welcome to gush as well. I won't mind.)