Friday, May 2, 2014

Cover Reveal

Without further ado, the title and cover to my forthcoming novel.

Covers are tricky things. We're told from childhood not to judge a book by its cover...but we do. So when WiDo said they were ready to commission by cover I spent a good two weeks fretting. And praying. And worrying some more. How can one image capture the depth of the story I've put my heart and soul into for over five years?

In fact I'd worked myself up so much that when the email finally came in with the glorious attachment I'd been anticipating, I simply couldn't look. I ran to find my husband and made him look while I covered my eyes. When he said, "I think you'll like it," I braved a glance and then couldn't look away. I mean, isn't it glorious?! And beautifully accurate. With so much awesome sci-fi-ness, and promises of a thrilling read.

What does this cover promise you as a reader? (You are also welcome to gush as well. I won't mind.)