Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life will never be the same

It’s been 6-7 years since I typed the first words to Heart of Annihilation. That’s right, more than half a decade of work and expectations. Sort of like being pregnant for an insanely long time….but I digress…

Every year that has gone by has brought me closer to my goal. Every revision, query letter, rejection, revision, contract, failed contract, new contract, edit, and final revision has brought me to the doorstep where I can finally deliver my baby.

Fine….let’s just run with the pregnancy metaphor, shall we?

Coming up to the birth of your child a thousand thoughts and emotions encircle you. Will others love this child I’ve created? Will she be good, interesting, wonderful, exciting and worthy of love? What does the future hold for this her?

Words cannot describe the thrill it will be for me to hold this little creation of mine in just over a week. Perhaps no one will adore Heart of Annihilation as much as I do, but my sincere hope is that these characters that have grown over the years will become as dear to you as they are to me. I hope that you will enjoy their journey, weep at their misfortune and failures and bask in their success as I have done. I hope that you will take them into your heart and want to share them with others.

Because honestly, folks, 6-7 years of pregnancy deserves acknowledgement. It actually deserves a freakin’ standing ovation....but I suppose simply reading the book or leaving a review will suffice. 

Welcome to the world, Heart of Annihilation! It’s going to be a fantastic run!

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  1. It's so weird to look back at how long that first book takes, isn't it? And such a huge feeling to see it out there.